Tokyo Olympics 2021: After 41 years, the Indian men’s hockey team hoisted the victory flag, congratulations from these stars

indian hockey team win : Indians continue to perform well in Tokyo Olympics 2021 They are winning one medal after another and flying the flag of their success. Recently the women’s hockey team Australia Won 1-0. After women, now the Indian men’s hockey team has also made history and won a great victory in hockey by defeating Germany. The Indian men’s hockey team has made history by defeating Germany 5-4. The Indian hockey team has won a bronze medal after 41 years. The whole country is celebrating the success of the Indian hockey team. Everyone is trembling with joy. On this special occasion, many stars from Shah Rukh Khan to Akshay and Tapsi Pannu expressed their happiness on social media and congratulated Team India.

Shah Rukh Khan expressed happiness over the victory of the Indian men’s hockey team. Tweeting on his social media account, King Khan wrote, “Great, congratulations to the Indian men’s hockey team. Skills and flexibility are at their peak. What a wonderful victory.

indian hockey team win

Actress Tapsi Pannu also tweeted congratulations to the Indian hockey team. “And this is a bronze medal,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Bollywood player Akshay Kumar has shared a picture of the Indian men’s hockey team on his social media account. Sharing this picture, he wrote, “Congratulations to the Indian men’s hockey team for making history. What a match it was to win an Olympic medal after 41 years, a great comeback.

Amazing victory. I wish my father were alive today, he too would have seen this historic day today. He must be happy there today. Congratulations to the men’s hockey team. Many congratulations.

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