Navjot Sindhu’s son will get married, the letter sent by the girl navjot singh sidhu son marriage with inayat randhawa on 7 december punjabi news


Former Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh (Navjot Sidhu) Sidhu’s son Karan Singh Sidhu’s wedding is scheduled for 7. A letter has been sent by the girl’s family about Karan’s love. Navjot Sidhu shared pictures of his family with his future daughter-in-law about 4 months ago. From that time, there were speculations whether Karan could get married to this girl soon.

The video of Saya letter being read is being read by Navjot Kaur Sidhu’s Kudmani. In this video, he is telling the date of the wedding and asking the Sidhu family to arrive on time. Navjot Sidhu’s entire family is looking very happy at this time.

Information has been received about Inayat Randhawa that she is the daughter of Maninder Randhawa, a well-known name of Patiala. Maninder Randhawa has served in the army before this. If we talk about now, he has been posted as Deputy Director in Punjab Defense Service Welfare Department.

It is worth mentioning that the engagement of Karan and Inayat took place on June 26 in Rishikesh, the information of which was shared by Navjot Singh Sidhu himself on Twitter X. He also shared pictures of the entire family.