Health Tips: These mistakes related to weight loss will not make you thin but sick, read the news

Health News: Many ways or methods are tried to lose weight. It is a good habit but it also has many disadvantages if there are misunderstandings or myths.

Disadvantages of weight gain: If our weight increases rapidly, there is a risk of obesity. Excess weight can make the body prone to serious diseases like high BP, diabetes. Nowadays people are becoming patients at a younger age.

Weight loss myth: Most people think that exercise plays an important role in weight loss and they take the diet lightly. Doing so can cause harm rather than benefit. According to experts, there should be a balance between diet and exercise.

Avoid Carbohydrates: Most people starting their weight loss journey make the mistake of staying away from carbohydrate-rich foods.

In this way, there may be deficiency of nutrients in the body. Lack of nutrients can cause dizziness or weakness.

Skipping meals: Most people who want to lose weight make the mistake of skipping meals for quick results. Skipping food leads to nutrient deficiency and has many serious consequences.

Taking supplements: Some people make the mistake of taking supplements to get quick results in weight loss. It gives immediate results but also has several disadvantages which appear later.

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