You get troubled by the problem of acidity after eating food, follow 8 home tips, you will get relief immediately



Eating more pungent or spicy things causes excessive flatulence.
Acid starts forming in the upper part of the navel, due to which burning sensation starts there.

home remedies for acidity problem: The hectic lifestyle has left everyone broke. His food is also getting spoiled in haste. Due to this people are facing many problems related to stomach. Acidity is one of them. In common parlance, it is also called the problem of gas or constipation. Such problems occur when working for long hours, eating more pungent, sour and spicy food, staying awake till late night. Many times we eat more spicy or pungent things in taste. Due to this, after some time, the stomach swells excessively. The reason for this is, acid starts forming in the upper part of the navel, due to which burning sensation starts there. Gradually this acid enters the throat, due to which sour belching starts. If you also have this kind of problem, then some home remedies can be useful for you. Let us know what are those remedies and how they affect the disease.

start the day with lukewarm water

Starting the day by drinking lukewarm water will give a lot of relief from acidity. Try taking a little ground black pepper and squeezing half a lemon in lukewarm water and consume it regularly. By doing this, the problem of gas will not only go away, but the increasing weight will also be controlled.

drink fennel water

Consuming fennel sometime after meals provides relief in acidity. You can drink fennel directly by chewing it or by making its tea. Fennel reduces acidity by creating coolness in the stomach. Apart from this, drinking lemon water mixed with a little sugar will also provide relief in acidity. If we consume it before lunch, then it will be more beneficial.

drink cumin water

Cumin has many properties that benefit health. It is considered very beneficial in acid reflux and gas. Cumin contains natural oils, which stimulate the salivary glands and increase digestion. For this, boil one teaspoon of cumin in two cups of water for 10 to 15 minutes. When cumin dissolves in water, cool the water. Filter this water and drink it thrice a day after meals. This will benefit from the problem of gas.

curd is beneficial for stomach

Consumption of curd works like a panacea for acidity. This is a very beneficial deal for the stomach. Protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin B6 are found in curd, which are very good for the body. The bacteria present in it are also beneficial for your body. Consumption of curd is good for stomach as well as hair and skin.

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drink ajwain water

Celery water is very beneficial for acidity. It strengthens digestion and increases immunity. That’s why consume it regularly. For this, put celery in a glass of water, after that it has to be cooked properly. After this, let the water cool down. Regular consumption of this gives a lot of relief in acidity.

Lemonade Bargain

Lemon water is very beneficial for the body’s immune system. It gives great relief to the stomach due to acidity. Lemon contains vitamin C and ascorbic acid, which keeps the stomach healthy. Along with this, it also protects the stomach from all kinds of infections.

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Ginger intake is necessary

Ginger is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. That’s why its consumption can provide relief from gastrointestinal irritation. Ginger can reduce the chances of stomach acid backing up into the esophagus. Ginger can also reduce inflammation.

Banana is beneficial for acidity

Banana is beneficial for the stomach in many ways. Consuming this gives relief in burning sensation, gas, acidity. For this eating banana mixed with sugar is the best option. Eating banana is helpful in getting rid of both mouth and stomach ulcers.

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