Who is the ‘third player’ of Gaza, whose one attack changed the course of the war, Israel will be left alone!

A third player appears to be entering the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. There has been a rocket attack on Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in the Gaza Strip, in which more than 500 people have died. Both Israel and Palestine are blaming each other for this attack. Gaza’s health ministry is claiming that the rocket attack was carried out by Israel. At the same time, Israel denied these allegations and said that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PJI) was behind it.

Israeli officials claimed the hospital was attacked by a rocket fired by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which is fired from the Gaza Strip. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, ‘The investigation of the Israeli army revealed that rockets were fired by terrorists in Gaza, who were passing near the hospital. The launch of one of these rockets has failed. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack on the hospital.

What is Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PJI)?

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad was founded in 1981. It was founded by Palestinian students in Egypt with the main objective of establishing a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza and other areas illegally occupied by Israel. PJI is said to get support from Iran. He supplies them with training, expertise and money. Apart from this it also provides weapons.

Condemned by international countries

The attack on the hospital in Gaza is being condemned across the country. Many countries in the Middle East are condemning this attack and demonstrations are being held against it. This includes Jordan and the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden is on a visit to Israel. He was also scheduled to attend a conference in Jordan, but it was canceled after the attack.

French President Emmanuel Macron wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that the attack on the hospital in Gaza cannot be justified in any way. France condemns it. At the same time, the President of Egypt said that there is a possibility that Israel has carried out this attack.