What do the mouth makers know about the birth of a daughter, the real reason behind it? | who is responsible for child sex in woman womb society need to be aware about this know full detail in punjabi punjabi news


In our society, a woman has always been considered responsible for giving birth to a son or daughter, and in the greed of a son, the society has considered a woman as a machine for producing children, that's why every time a daughter is born, someone tortures a woman. goes You'd think we've gotten over it, but after all these years of freedom, women are still enslaved in the cycle of childbearing. Is it really the woman who is responsible for giving birth to a daughter, not the man?

According to science, but the truth is far beyond this as the biological sex of a child is determined by the chromosomes that it inherits from its father. While females have two X chromosomes, males have one X and one Y chromosome. When a woman's X chromosome matches a man's X chromosome, a girl is born, while a woman's X chromosome matches a man's Y chromosome, a boy is born. According to science, only the male chromosomes determine the sex and not the female

What do the experts say?

If we talk about the experts, they also repeat the same thing that the sex of the child is determined by the chromosomes of the father and not of the mother. Senior Gynecologist Dr Sharda Jain says that the biological sex of the baby is determined by the sex chromosomes that are present in the female egg and the male sperm. Female eggs release only X chromosomes, but males release X and Y chromosomes.

The society has to be aware

Why is it so difficult for us to understand this little thing now that we have reached the moon? Even today our society continues to punish daughters for the sake of sons. While pronouncing the judgment of the Delhi High Court on the case of a woman being harassed by her in-laws for having daughters, a woman judge reiterated this point and appealed to the society to understand and educate about it.

The Delhi High Court said that in-laws who harass their daughters-in-law in their desire to continue their lineage by having sons, need to educate them that the sex of the child growing in the daughter-in-law's womb is determined by the father's chromosomes. Yes, it does not come from a woman's womb. The court also said that attaching the daughter-in-law to material things is wrong.

Appeal to society

Even today, our society is so illiterate and backward that it considers women responsible for giving birth to sons and daughters and even harasses them. Along with the female judge, we all appeal to the society that the son should stop torturing the mother for the sake of the daughter and the society should not hold the woman responsible for having a son and daughter. Also understand that we need both sons and daughters to run this world.