Unidentified vehicle hit Sadhu’s vehicle, 1 dead, 4 injured

A road accident has taken place on the National Highway in Khanna of Ludhiana district of Punjab. A monk has died in this accident near Pristine Mall. A speeding vehicle rammed the Maruti car from behind. After the collision, the car spun 3 times and hit the divider. This broke the car into pieces. Along with this, one of the 5 sadhus in the car died. The rest were injured, who have been admitted to the government hospital, Khanna.

As soon as the collision occurred, the Maruti rolled 3 times
According to the information received, these sadhus were coming from Patiala to Ludhiana. The monk who died in the accident has been identified as Ram Giri. Avtar Nath, who was injured in the road accident, said that he was on his way to Ludhiana to meet a friend, but when he reached Khanna, he himself did not know which vehicle hit him from behind. His Maruti car overturned 3 times due to the collision.

The accused of the accident escaped from the spot
Avatar said that the passers-by took him out of the car and admitted him to the hospital. Gora Giri, who was driving the car, said that a speeding vehicle hit the car from behind which he did not know. The accident happened in the blink of an eye. He was taken out of the car and brought to the hospital. After the accident, the accused escaped with the vehicle. ASI Jarnail Singh of Police Station City-2 is investigating the matter.

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