This Akali Dal leader raised questions on himself, said that there is nothing to hide behind the seat of Jalandhar won by force


Chandigarh: Incidents of blasphemy happening every day in Punjab are raising significant questions on the government. This is a very bad thing for all of Punjab and Punjabi people. These views have been expressed by Akali Dal spokesperson Arshdeep Singh Keller, who shared his views by sharing a video message after the incident at Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib.

They have also said that the woman drinking alcohol while sitting near the Gurughar’s tank and quarreling with the attendants and after being attacked by a Sikh man who got emotional and killed her proves that the people have faith in the Punjab government. It has ended and now they themselves have taken up arms to avenge the disrespect.

Speaking on the Hon’ble government, Kler said that due to the continuous desecrations in Darbar Sahib, Murinda and many other places, now the government has lost its confidence, although this party has done politics on this issue before. He also said that That the government wants to suppress every voice raised against it and wants to cover its failure by using other methods.

He said that the current situation of peace and harmony in Punjab and the disappointment of all sections towards the government will not be able to hide behind the Jalandhar Lok Sabha seat won by the government. No go, this responsibility has to be taken by the government.


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