Sukhraj Singh Niamiwala made a big announcement…


Behbal Clan Sukhraj Singh Nyamiwala, the pioneer of the Blasphemy Justice Front, has made a big announcement due to the lack of justice in the case of blasphemy of Guru Granth Sahib. Sukhraj Singh Niyamiwala Niyamiwali has announced that he will fast to death from the day it started on 12/10/2023.

He himself has given this information by sharing a post on Facebook. He wrote that

God bless Khalsa, God bless you.

I am writing with a very sad and sad heart that for a long time I have been seeing that the governments have done politics in disrespecting Guru Granth Sahib ji, while we religious people have not done anything less. They joined hands with the governments to keep the issue as it is, which is well known but no one speaks.

They said that after disrespect, there is a shooting incident, Singhs are martyrs, but today I am saying with pain that the word martyr is ours, the rest is dead, then it belongs to others. Let the family make noise. I am proud of his gift and will always be, but we religious leaders remember only June 1 and October 14.

Niami Vala said that political people remember the shooting incident and profanity during MP and MLA elections. We people always get involved in the game played by these people. Later on the anniversary we shout slogans that the man was our warrior but we don’t get together while alive because we don’t leave our own ego, we don’t know what is behind it.

But let’s join together for our rights, so that the entire Sikh community and our future generations will not be proud of us.

We who have walked the paths can never turn back. By telling these rulings, you have done politics for a long time, stop this dirty politics, he said that I will sit on a death fast from the day this tragedy started on 12/10/2023.

The rest of the scholars should tell me the other way. If anyone survives, I am sitting on the road for the last 2 years (16/12/2021). He said that with my death I will surely answer to my Guru Sahib and my father Shaheed Bhai Krishna Bhagwan Singh Ji.


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