Stopping the drug traffickers cost the youth dearly, this happened…

Bathinda: A young man of village Sidhana has been murdered by white smugglers last night. It is being told that this young man was a member of the Anti-Drug Action Committee.

According to information, drug smugglers killed a member of the Anti-Narcotics Committee in Sidhana village of Bathinda on Saturday night. The deceased has been identified as Jasveer Singh (46).

Jagsir Singh, the brother of the deceased, said that a drug committee has been formed in village Sidhana and monitoring is being done day and night. The roads leading to the village were closed by the Narcotics Committee on Saturday night. Meanwhile, the committee members tried to stop the two smugglers who came riding on a motorcycle, but they broke the gate and ran away.

The committee members informed this to Jasveer Singh. After this, Jasbir Singh and his accomplices tried to stop the drug smugglers but they attacked with sharp weapons and killed Jasbir Singh. A smuggler was later arrested by the village committee.

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