Stomach Cancer: Why stomach cancer is dangerous, know from experts Cancer cases are increasing every year in the country. The cases of stomach cancer are also continuously increasing among them. The biggest cause of this cancer is wrong eating habits. Doctors say that stomach cancer is very dangerous. Let's know about it in detail from the experts. Punjabi news


Stomach Cancer: Why stomach cancer is dangerous, know from experts

Cancer cases are increasing every year in India. Improper eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle are major causes of cancer. Cancer can occur in any part of the body. Stomach cancer cases have also been increasing for the past few years. Doctors consider it a dangerous cancer. This is because most of the cases of this cancer are detected at the last stage. This is because people are not aware of the symptoms of stomach cancer. In some cases, people ignore it as a common problem. Let's know about stomach cancer from experts.

Oncologist Dr. Vinay Gaikwad says that stomach cancer is very dangerous. Early symptoms of this cancer are not easily understood. People tend to ignore it as a problem of indigestion or excessive gas formation. In such a case, this disease continues to increase in the body. Dr. Vinay says that sometimes the symptoms of stomach cancer are very vague. A feeling of acidity and stomach pain is very common. These are common symptoms of stomach cancer, but people ignore them for years. It is taken sparingly until the disease progresses. Once stomach cancer occurs, patients come for treatment.

In such a case, it is important that if a person has the problem of constant indigestion and excess gas, then he should consult a doctor. This cancer can be diagnosed through upper GI endoscopy. If cancer is detected in its early stage, it can be treated.

Stomach cancer grows rapidly

Dr. Vinay explains that tumors in stomach cancer grow very fast and spread rapidly to other parts of the body. Due to this, there is no time to start treatment. When the cancer starts spreading from the stomach to other parts, the patient's life is threatened. In such a situation, early detection of stomach cancer is essential. For this it is important to know the symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

weight loss

Loss of appetite

Frequent abdominal pain

Blood in the stool

Constant indigestion

How to save

If someone else in the family has cancer, get tested. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Avoid fast food. This is because fast food is a major cause of cancer. Eat a good diet and exercise daily.