Rashifal : 06 February, Aaj ka rashifal – Horoscope : Today’s Horoscope


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Aries- Already bad health can be cured

You can entertain yourself on the journey with good company. A good real estate deal can make your day. By handling an important task, you will be able to establish yourself firmly in professional life. If a financial opportunity is taken advantage of immediately, it can give profitable results. Health issues that were troubling you may go away. A family child can inspire pride in you.

love tip Lack of privacy can sour romantic life
Activity Tip – chanting
lucky color for work – dark blue
lucky color for love – Red
health tip – calm down and relax

Taurus – try to spend time with family

Spending time with family can give you great satisfaction. There is a high possibility of traveling out of town. The paperwork related to the property is likely to be completed soon. Developing new skills can increase your income and prestige. An important project may get delayed.

love tip – Your polite behavior and polite words will greatly impress your boyfriend
Activity Tip – do yoga
lucky color for work – Selman
Lucky color for love light green
health tip Maintaining control is beneficial to your good health

Gemini- Avoid making any new plans today

Your hard work to stay fit will pay off and you will get its fruits. Spending time with family and friends can bring peace at home. You may be traveling due to your job, but there is also a possibility of change. Do not make any new plans today. You will be far ahead of the competition in the class.

love tip – You might end up meeting your high school crush again, which could make things romantic
Activity Tip – play indoor games
lucky color for work – sky blue
lucky color for love – Yellow
health teaP – stay fit

Cancer- You can win a flat or a plot

Will probably feel better at home when someone comes over. Traveling can be a lot of fun, especially for those who have planned for a long trip. If you are lucky, you may win a flat or a plot. You can get lot of opportunities to make money. You may be given a prestigious assignment or project through which you can showcase your abilities.

love tip – You may feel worried due to misunderstanding in love
Activity Tip – play outdoor games
lucky color for work – Green
lucky color for love – Chocolate
health tip – take care of health

Lion – drive the vehicle a little slowly

Your words can be heard by family members. You will need to drive more carefully to prevent any untoward incident. The chances of getting a house or apartment are looking good.

love tip – spend time with loved ones
Activity Tip – play badminton
lucky color for work – baby pink
lucky color for love – dark blue
health tip Eat only home cooked food

Virgo – Religious people can organize pilgrimage

Things are likely to improve at home with the arrival of a distant relative. Those who are religious can organize pilgrimage. Your ability to buy the item of your choice may depend on your financial status. This is a good time to look for a home or property.

love tip Go on a dinner date with your partner
Activity Tip – play chess
lucky color for work – dark pink
lucky color for love – Black
health tip Do not eat outside food

Libra – You can buy a luxury item

The atmosphere in the house is likely to improve with the arrival of a distant relative. Religious people have the option of conducting a pilgrimage. Your financial situation will determine whether you can afford a luxury item. The time is right to search for a home. You may be able to behave kindly with your elders on the domestic front.

love tip – Tips to spend time with your partner and strengthen your romantic relationship
Activity Tip – go on a walk
lucky color for work – orange
lucky color for love Peach
health tip – take care of health

Scorpio – there can be growth in work

There are many opportunities for positive professional growth. Your physical health is likely to remain good. On the family front, there is a lot going on which can keep you blissfully busy. You will enjoy traveling, so you will not be able to do any other work. In real estate transactions, strong returns can be expected.

love tip – As you grow closer to your soulmate, your loving attachment deepens
Activity Tip – relax
lucky color for work – White
Lucky color for love light sea green
Health Tip – go on diet

SAGITTARIUS – Expenses need some attention

Keep a close eye on your spending as you do not want to spend more than your budget. Due to your expertise, you can get special attention from some colleagues. Helping someone out of a difficult situation on the family front can fetch you a lot of favor.

love tip may you get married soon
Activity Tip – read newspaper daily
lucky color for work – Red
lucky color for love – brown
health tip There is a possibility of improvement in the health and economic condition of some people.

Capricorn- Your financial condition may improve

It may be possible to get admission in a top educational institution. As a result of your ability to save money and make savings gains, your financial situation may improve. You will be able to fulfill your commitment and make your partner happy. Those who drive carelessly should drive carefully today.

love tip – you will meet your true love
Activity Tip – do swimming
lucky color for work – light coral
lucky color for love – Black
Health Tip – you will be fine very soon

Aquarius- Expect good news in the academic field

Those who do the work of buying and selling may increase their business. Expect good news in the academic field. You will remain in a secure financial position. The mood swings of the spouse can be successfully dealt with and you will be able to make your home feel pleasant.

love tip Your partner will propose you
Activity Tip – go jogging
lucky color for work – Bisque
lucky color for love – dark blue
health tip Don’t worry, everything will be alright

Pisces – can get success in professional life

There is a possibility of getting success in professional life. People who have mild disease can get relief from home remedies. Be prepared to deal with some challenges on the family front. There is a chance of good payback for your investment.

love tip There may be some exciting news for you
Activity Tip – spend time with my family
lucky color for work – medium aquamarine
lucky color for love – Plum
health tip You may fall sick so take care of yourself


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