Rajasthannagaursilicosis patients can get free treatment here in nagaur


Report: Krishna Kumar

Nagaur. Screening, treatment and certification of potential victims from time to time and their dependents are assisted and rehabilitated under the Silicosis Assistance Scheme by the state government. Along with financial help to the workers, measures for identification, rehabilitation, disease prevention and control of such workplaces and workers are also being adopted under this scheme.

District silicosis camp in-charge Surendra Chowdhary told that after applying through E Mitra, it is necessary for the potential patient to appear at the health center selected by the patient to get the test done the very next day. District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. Shravan Rao said that on March 14, 355 patients appeared at the District Tuberculosis Prevention Center to get their health check-up done after applying through E Mitra. He told that during this time all the potential patients were sent to the radiographer to get X-ray done after health checkup by the doctor. After that, after X-ray by radiographer, X-ray pictures of all potential patients were sent online for opinion of radiologist. Based on the opinion of the radiologist, the potential patient who is found to be suffering from silicosis disease, will be given a certificate of silicosis disease by the concerned doctor.

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During this, Dr. Shravan Rao informed all the workers about the precautions to be taken while carrying out mining work/construction work. He told that for participating in the Silicosis Health Check-up Camp, potential silicosis victims can apply online on the Raj Silicosis Portal through E Mitra or by logging in with their own SSO ID.

He told that to apply online, Jan Aadhaar card, Aadhaar card, employer certificate (for mine workers), original residence certificate, labor diary (for building construction workers), bank account of the applicant and dependent Jan Aadhaar card Must be associated with. Potential patients have to appear in the camp at the concerned health check-up center along with the registration receipt given by the E-Mitra kiosk after applying online and all the necessary documents.

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