Kulfi was the cause of death of children, was made with expired flavors, know how to identify fake ice cream

Everyone loves to eat ice cream in summer. 13-year-old Sarita, 7-year-old Rupram and 4-year-old Lakshmi lost their lives due to this ice cream.

This incident is from Nagaur in Rajasthan. Initially, the cause of death was given as heat stroke, but later it was found that the children died after eating fake-poisonous ice cream.

Today in needy news we will talk about what to keep in mind while eating ice cream, what is the identity of real ice cream…

Question: How did children die from eating ice cream?
Answer: The kulfi and ice cream that the children ate were made from local factories. Bhaskar’s team traced these factories. Then the truth came out.

The milk used to make ice cream in these factories smelled like mud and was buzzing with flies.

Years old color and flavor with expiry date were being used to make ice cream-kulfi. The bucket in which the mixture was being poured looked like a garbage bucket.

Question: We all eat kulfi-ice cream in summer, how to identify real and fake?

Answer: Millions of people get sick every year from eating adulterated foods.

The Government of India has set several standards related to food safety and quality. To determine the quality of the goods, the government has put some special marks or stamps on them.

While buying ice cream or any other type of goods, the packaging of these food products carries FSSAI and IS tags indicating its purity.

While buying ice cream, make sure that its container or packet bears the IS 2802 mark. This code is given to ice cream companies by the Bureau of Certification. Which proves the purity of the ice cream.

Keep these things in mind while buying ice cream

Read the label carefully when buying ice cream. The color and flavor content of the ice cream quality stated in the label should be less than 5% of the total weight of the ice cream.
Vanilla flavored white ice cream or basic ice cream, coffee varieties, maple and caramel ice cream count as plain ice cream. While this formula of 5% should be kept in mind while buying plain ice cream, flavored ice cream may contain more or less sugar and colouring.
While buying chocolate ice cream, check whether it contains 3-4% chocolate or cocoa powder. As a result, ice cream with less cocoa powder is considered to be of lower quality. Artificial flavors may be used to enhance the taste.

Disadvantages of Kulfi-Ice Cream

Ice cream contains fat. Half a cup of ice cream contains at least 9 grams of fat. After all, the body needs a certain amount of fat.
Cholesterol is also high in ice cream. One cup of ice cream contains 25 mg of cholesterol.
Ice cream is high in fat as well as sugar. Consuming too much sugar increases the level of glucose in the blood, which can increase the risk of diabetes.

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