Punjab University has banned cars in the hostels, students said – all cars should be banned in the campus. punjab university order ban on cars of hostel living students protest against order know full detail in punjabi punjabi news

The controversy has deepened over the order to ban the vehicles of the students staying in the hostels of the prestigious Punjab University in Chandigarh. Now in this case, the students have also challenged the university administration and the professors’ vehicles not to enter the campus without withdrawing this order.

In fact, the Punjab University Authority based in Chandigarh has issued an order saying that the students of the hostel who have cars, they will get entry only if they leave their cars at home, otherwise they will have to stay outside. The students of the hostel have opposed this order of the university administration.

Punjab University Student Council President Jatinder Singh has also directly threatened the university administration and said that if the vehicles of the students staying in the hostel are banned, apart from the teachers-professors, the vehicles of the Vice-Chancellor, DSW and staff will also be allowed to enter the campus. Will not be allowed to happen.

The university administration has given time till November 16

The university administration has said in its orders that after November 16, the hostel seats of the students who keep vehicles in the hostels of Punjab University will be canceled and according to the rules, the students staying in the hostels cannot keep four wheelers with them.

Students have said this command is wrong

The students living in the hostel have termed this order of the university administration as wrong and said that where will they keep their vehicles. Such an order has never been issued before in the university. The sudden issuance of such dictatorial order by the university has become a cause of trouble for the students as there are many students who have come from far away to study.

(Reporting by Mohit Malhotra from Chandigarh)