Parvez Musharraf died due to Amyloidosis, symptoms are very common, do not ignore



The condition of organ failure can arise due to amyloidosis.
This disease is treated through chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

All About Amyloidosis Disease: Pakistan’s former President and Army Chief Pervez Musharraf died in a hospital in Dubai on Sunday. Musharraf was 79 years old and had been suffering from a rare disease Amyloidosis for many years and was undergoing treatment since 2016. It is a rare disease, for which there is no exact treatment. Through good treatment, this disease can be controlled to some extent. The most surprising thing is that the symptoms of this disease are quite common. Today we will tell you what is this disease and how it affects the body.

HT report Amyloidosis is a rare and fatal disease, due to which the connective tissue and organ of the body are affected. Due to amyloidosis, abnormal accumulation of amyloid protein in the tissues of the body leads to the condition of organ failure. Due to this disease, heart, kidney, liver, spleen, nervous system and digestive system are not able to function properly and the person dies. There are thousands of patients of this disease in India too.

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Symptoms of this disease are very common
The symptoms of this rare and fatal disease are very general, due to which it is difficult to identify. The main symptoms of amyloidosis are weight loss, fatigue, waxy coating on the skin, rash on the skin, enlargement of the tongue and deltoids, enlargement of the liver, heart failure, excessive protein loss in the urine, carpal tunnel syndrome, and nerve disorders. are. Its symptoms can be seen differently in different patients.

What is the treatment of this disease?
Mayo Clinic reports There is no exact treatment for amyloidosis disease. Through treatment, the production of amyloid protein can be controlled. If this protein is causing arthritis or tuberculosis, then you can get a lot of relief by treating those diseases. Doctors usually treat this disease with chemotherapy, targeted therapy and heart medicines. In some cases blood stem cell transplant, organ transplant and dialysis are done. All this is done according to the condition of the patient.

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