papaya halwa recipe in Hindi.- Learn how to make papaya halwa in Hindi.

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In the changing era of food habits, people are forgetting the taste of natural foods. While the original taste of fruits and vegetables is better than any dessert and fast food. There are many recipes in our traditional kitchen to get the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Among these, Halwa is the most liked sweet dish. Pudding made of different things can be given to everyone from children to the elderly. So let’s make papaya pudding in this series today. Its special thing is that it is not only eaten during fasting, but it can also be consumed when digestion is weak. Let us know the method of making papaya pudding and its benefits for health.

Papaya is a storehouse of nutrition

Packed with nutrients like Vitamin A, proteins, minerals and lutein, papaya can be included in the diet of young children to the elderly. Talking about the benefits of papaya, Harshita Jaiswal, a dietician at Dayanand Girls College, Kanpur for six years, says, “Papaya can get rid of dandruff, dry skin, wrinkles on the face, constipation and other problems. Along with this, it can also provide relief from heart related diseases. However, it is best eaten as a salad. But if you want, you can include it in the form of traditional dishes, such as pudding. The special thing is that it can be consumed at home from child to elder. It can be prepared in just a few minutes.

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Let us know some more benefits of including papaya in the diet.

1. Prevents Cancer

Dietician Harshita explains that papaya is counted among medicinal fruits. Cancer can be prevented by its use. Many leading institutions of the country have also done research on this subject. According to a research paper, pectin compound is found in papaya, which may show anticancer effect. This compound has also been shown to be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of cancer, along with preventing cancer cells from growing.

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2. Decreases oxidative stress

According to a research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (ANCBI), it contains carotenoids and polyphenols. Both these antioxidants prepare your body to fight diseases by reducing oxidative stress. It is also known to relieve problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

3 is also beneficial for heart health

According to NCBI, in a research conducted on rats, it was found that papaya has a protective effect against cardiotoxicity. According to dietician Harshita Jaiswal, cardiotoxicity causes damage to the heart muscle and it is not able to pump blood properly. Papaya extract has cardioprotective and antioxidant properties. Both are capable of reversing the condition of cardiotoxicity and maintaining the health of the heart.

By now you have come to know how beneficial papaya is for you. So to include this healthy superfood in your diet, let’s prepare Papaya Halwa.

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To make pudding you need

ripe papaya,
Desi ghee two spoons
cardamom powder half teaspoon
half a liter of milk
Chopped dry fruits one spoon
One cup brown sugar.

Papaya boosts your immunity
Papaya is very special for your immunity. Image: shutterstock

Make papaya pudding like this

To make papaya pudding, first take a ripe papaya and wash it thoroughly.
Remove the skin, remove the seeds and cut it into big pieces. Keep the cut pieces separate in a deep bowl.
Pour some desi ghee in a pan and let it heat on medium flame. When the ghee is well heated, put the chopped papaya pieces in it.
After this, fry it while stirring for two to three minutes. Keep doing this till the papaya is completely mashed.
After it is mashed, add half a liter of milk to it. Now wait for the milk to completely dry in the papaya. Now add desi khand or brown sugar as per taste. Although it has natural sweetness. But if you want, you can add little sweet to it.
When the milk dries up, add cardamom powder to the papaya pudding and cook. After cooking for a minute, add all the dry fruits to it. When the sweet smell starts coming from the halwa, then understand that the halwa is ready. Remove in a plate and serve hot.

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