Major incident in Gurdaspur! The thieves killed the woman with the intention of robbery


A major incident was carried out with the intention of robbery in Gurdaspur. Thieves who entered the house here killed a 60-year-old woman. The body of the woman was thrown into the gutter made in the house to destroy it. When the people around came to know about this, they reached the spot and pulled the body out of the gutter.

As soon as the information about the murder was received, the head of Sadar police station, Major Singh, along with the police party, reached the spot. The case is of village Awankha under Dinanagar. The deceased woman has been identified as Kamla Devi wife of retired Subedar Karan Singh.

One son of the deceased woman is a Captain in Merchant Navy and another son is an Inspector in FCI Chandigarh. While daughter Renu lives in Pathankot. A case has been registered against Mithun alias Prem Chand resident of Awankha on the statements of the deceased’s daughter Renu Chaudhary.

Pawan Kumar, who lives in the woman’s neighborhood, said that he saw a man from the village outside Kamala Devi’s house. When asked why he came here, he started the motorcycle and ran away.

When he got suspicious, he reached Kamala Devi’s house, there was blood spatter in a room and an iron rod was lying nearby, but Kamala Devi could not be found. After searching everywhere, the body of Kamala Devi was found hanging in the yard of the house after lifting the gutter cover.


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