Ludhiana: Two youths were killed in DSP’s guest house, four accused arrested – Punjabi news | DSP’s guest house in Ludhiana caused commotion due to the killing of two youths, Know full details in Punjabi

Ludhiana: Two youths were killed in DSP’s guest house, four accused arrested – Punjabi news |  DSP’s guest house in Ludhiana caused commotion due to the killing of two youths, Know full details in Punjabi


Ludhiana The murder of two youths in Punjab’s Ludhiana has created a stir. The police have arrested four accused. One is still at large. Ludhiana (Ludhiana) Rahul Singh (23) and his friend Gulshan Gupta (23), who went missing from Mohalla Maya Nagar in Daba area, were murdered with sharp weapons. Gulshan was a resident of Gagan Nagar. The accused committed the incident in DSP’s guest house.

In fact, the main accused used to work in DSP’s guest house and the accused also invited his friends there. The accused also called Rahul Singh. After carrying out the incident, the accused wrapped the bodies in a blanket, loaded them on a motorcycle and threw them in the drain. Daba police arrested four accused while one accused is still absconding. A minor is also included among the accused.

Both the bodies were found in the drain

of police station Daba the police (Police) arrested the accused and recovered the dead bodies of Rahul and his friend Gulshan Gupta from the drain on their information. In this case, the police have arrested the main accused Amar Yadav resident of Mohalla Jeevan Nagar, his friend Abhishek Kumar Roy, Aniket alias Golu and a minor. Golu Kumar is still absconding. Police are looking for him.

Thus revealed the secret of Mudar

Commissioner of Police (Commissioner of Police) Mandeep Singh Sidhu said that Rahul Singh had left home on the evening of September 16 with his friend Gulshan Gupta for some work. Both have not reached home since then. The family members complained about it in the Daba police station. The police have registered a case of missing and started searching for both. During the investigation, it came to light that there was a conversation between Rahul Singh and accused Amar Yadav. He went to meet Amar. After this, when the police proceeded with the investigation, it was found that the accused had killed both of them.

Police commissioner committed murder because of the girl

Police Commissioner said that Rahul was engaged to a girl and the accused Amar Singh also liked her. He was connected on her Instagram and Rahul came to know about it. Rahul contacted the accused Amar Yadav on phone and spoke. Rahul asks Amar to stay away from his fiancee and even forget what happened by leaving her.

But Amar Yadav asked Rahul to leave. An argument broke out between the two regarding this matter. Accused Amar worked at DSP Surinder Bansal’s Royal Guest House and had invited Rahul to meet him there. Rahul had gone there with his friend Gulshan.

Accused Amar had already made a plan

The Commissioner of Police said that before Rahul and Gulshan reached there, accused Amar had called his friends there and had planned to attack if anything happened. A fight broke out during their conversation in the guest house. Meanwhile, the accused killed Rahul by hitting him on the head and other parts of the body with sharp weapons.

The accused then looked at Gulshan and thought that if he was left alive, he would testify against them and all would be arrested. After this, the accused brutally killed Gulshan too. The accused took the blankets from the guest house, wrapped the bodies and threw them from the bicycle into the dirty drain.

The accused were planning to escape from the city

The Commissioner of Police said that when the police were investigating the case, the story of the accused Amar came to light. After this, the police came to know that the accused Amar and his three accomplices were present near Sherpur Chowk and were planning to leave the city. After this, the police arrested the accused. During the interrogation of the accused, it came to light that the accused had thrown the dead bodies into the drain.


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