Know the right way and time to chew


Benefits of Guava Leaves in High Blood Sugar: Diabetes ie high blood sugar is a rapidly growing disease in the world today. It is also called the silent killer because a person does not know when he is a victim of it. People of all ages are falling victim to this disease due to wrong lifestyle and wrong eating habits. The dangerous thing is that once a person contracts this disease, it never goes away, although it can definitely be kept under control with medication and abstinence.

Guava leaves are a panacea for diabetes

Today we give you a natural way to control diabetes (Diabetes Control Remedies) We are going to tell about, which does not have any side effects like medicines. Here’s how to consume guava leaves (Benefits of Guava Leaves in High Blood Sugar). Chewing guava leaves before going to bed at night is very beneficial and blood sugar level comes under control by morning.

It is best to consume at this time

According to Ayurveda experts, diabetic patients can consume guava leaves at any time, but it is considered better to consume it at night. The reason for this is that at night the guava leaves (Benefits of Guava Leaves in High Blood Sugar) melt and dissolve well in the body, which brings the increased blood sugar level in the body under control. So diabetic patients should eat it only at night.

Know the correct way to chew leaves

It is also very important to take care of how to chew guava leaves ((Benefits of Guava Leaves in High Blood Sugar)). For this, choose leaves that are small in size and green. After plucking only 3-4 leaves, wash them thoroughly with water. After this keep chewing them one by one. When chewed, the leaves release juice, which you can drink. After chewing, spit out and rinse the remaining part of the leaf. By doing this you get a lot of benefits in blood sugar (Diabetes Control Remedies).

(Disclaimer : The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Please seek medical advice before adopting it. Pro Punjab Tv does not confirm this.)


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