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The ever-increasing problems of diabetes and poor heart health have cut down many things from our diet. One of these is sugar. In any sweet recipe, we pull our hands back while adding sugar. Obviously, sugar works to affect our health. On the other hand, recipes seem incomplete without sweetness. According to Research Gate, these sweeteners are unrefined products. These contain nutrients and bioactive compounds from plant sources. Unrefined sugar found in Southeast Asia, especially from sugarcane, palm and coconutCoconut sugar vs Palm Sugar) Along with being, it is also very special in taste.

coconut sugar

In this regard, a research by the Philippines Food and Nutrition Research Institute has claimed that in comparison to granulated sugar coconut sugar Zinc, iron and calcium are found more in it. Apart from this, coconut sugar is also rich in phytonutrients including antioxidants like polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanidins.

How coconut sugar is made

Coconut sugar is obtained from the flower buds of the coconut tree. For this, the liquid present in the flowers is extracted by cutting them. After that the substance is kept on a low flame till the liquid present in it is completely destroyed. then on the bottom of the pot Brown colored sugar content It is visible The particles of sugar prepared in this way are fine. To make jaggery from it, the process of boiling it in big pots is done.

Know the benefits of coconut sugar

Desi Khand is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. images adobestock

controls blood pressure

Our body takes the help of Glucose for energy. In such a situation, coconut sugar, rich in many nutrients, not only works to prevent low blood pressure but also manages blood pressure similar to brown sugar and sugarcane preparations. Also helps in protecting against risks like hypoglycemia.

rich in nutrients

Rich in anti-oxidants, fiber is also found in high amounts in sugar. Apart from this, this sugar with fine grains of light brown color is very low in calories, which proves beneficial during dieting. Fructose is also found in it. While the element is not found in ordinary sugar.

improves digestion

It also takes care of gut health. By consuming it, the risk of diseases related to the intestine starts decreasing automatically. Actually, the insulin present in it acts as prebiotics in the body.

Now know about palm sugar

Like coconut sugar, palm sugar is also found in large numbers in South East Asia. Both are natural sweeteners, which are obtained from trees only. Palm sugar is obtained from the sap of the palm tree. This juice is kept on a low flame, when it dries up, the sugar remains below.

What are the benefits of palm sugar

Home made sugar
Eating this leads to the development of red blood cells and anti-bodies in the body. Image shutterstock.

It’s a natural mood booster

Pam Sugar Works as a mood booster. The caramel test present in it releases happy hormones in your body. Due to which your mood is good and you feel more productive. Apart from this, the carbs present in it fill you with energy.

Helpful in the development of anti bodies

Eating this leads to the development of red blood cells and anti-bodies in the body. Vitamin B6 present in it works to keep the body healthy. Along with this, the problem of anemia is also relieved.

Coconut sugar or palm sugar, know which of the two is better for you

In this regard, Dr. Aditi Sharma, Head of Nutrition and Dietetics at Manipal Hospital Ghaziabad, says that both of them are natural sugar. The glycemic index of coconut sugar is slightly lower than that of palm sugar. Vitamins, minerals, potassium and sodium are found in both. Both of these do not require any type of refining. It can be used, but in a limited amount. Coconut sugar can be preferred in diabetes.

Coconut sugar is made from the liquid present in the buds of coconut flowers. While palm sugar is prepared from the trunk sap of the palm. Coconut sugar is light brown in color after the manufacturing process. Sometimes, to make it attractive, producers use artificial colors in it. Which can be harmful to anyone’s health. While the color of palm sugar is naturally dark brown.

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