Is the entry of a cynical dictator in the Israel-Hamas war? Alarm bell for Biden!

Hamas Isreal War: Is the entry of a cynical dictator in the Israel-Hamas war?  Alarm bell for Biden!

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Hamas Isreal War A face that the world knows as a dictator, who is a nuclear lover, a threat actor and most notably is on the hit list of America’s enemies. The name is Kim Jong. North Korea (North Korea) The name of the dictator Kim Jong is currently in discussion all over the world and there are some questions behind it. The first and foremost question is whether North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has entered a war between Israel and Hamas.

Did Hamas on October 7 Israel (Israel) The deadliest attack on Kim Jong-un’s own weapons of mass destruction? Did Hamas cause the biggest disaster in Israel with a North Korean rocket launcher?

North Korean weapons received from Hamas

Actually these questions are being raised through a report and some pictures. Is Kim Jong Israel against Hamas? Arms supply (Arms supply) doing? This disclosure was made by none other than the Israeli army itself because it received North Korean weapons from Hamas.

Large shipment of weapons recovered from Hamas

The Israeli army has recovered a large shipment of weapons from Hamas. The most surprising thing is that along with Iran, these weapons also include the weapons of Kim Jong i.e. North Korea. An Israeli major himself made the big revelation on TV9 Bharatvarsha’s camera and said that among the weapons recovered from Hamas, the red-striped grenade launchers were made not elsewhere but in North Korea. After which it is being claimed that in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, now Kim Jong Un has also come to the war zone and is supplying weapons to Hamas.

What weapons has Kim Jong given?

Now we tell you what are the weapons of Kim Jong, on the basis of which Hamas showed the world the most terrible sight in Israel on October 7. The first name is a North Korean F-7 rocket propelled grenade, which the Israeli military recovered from a Hamas warship and we have shown you pictures of. In addition, Kim Jong has given Hamas some other weapons that can be carried on the shoulder. Also mentioned is another weapon of Kim Jong’s and its name is Type 58 self-loading rifle, which is a type of assault rifle.

Bulls was shown to be a guided anti-tank missile

It is claimed that the propaganda videos recently released by Hamas fighters. They also featured North Korea’s Bulls A guided anti-tank missile. This means that Hamas has a large shipment of dictator Kim Jong’s weapons, which have been delivered to the Gaza Strip from North Korea. By the way, dictator Kim Jong, who looks to the US on every issue, has a long-standing friendship with Hamas.

Kim Jong’s love for Hamas

Kim Jong has always claimed and opposed Israel’s occupation of Palestine. He has shown his love for Hamas to the world many times on this issue. He also openly supports Palestine and Hamas. The then spokesman of Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri, also sent a message of thanks for dictator Kim Jong’s support on the Palestine issue.

Weapons are delivered to Hamas through Iran

Apart from this, it was also revealed in a report that the weapons of North Korea are also delivered to Hamas through Iran, that is, first the weapons are delivered to Iran and then they reach Hamas through Iran. However, North Korea also supplies weapons directly to the Gaza Strip. Now it is being claimed that Hamas rained gunpowder on Israel with these weapons of Kim Jong.

America’s figure of 36 with Korea

By the way, if Kim’s name comes up in the war between Israel and Hamas is the worst news for anyone, it is the US because the US is a country that has a 36 with North Korea. To challenge this, Kim Jong himself periodically shows nuclear trailers.

Kim’s entry very dangerous for Biden

The entry of Kim Jong is very dangerous for Biden because this war is creating a front for an anti-American war which could prove very costly for Biden to fight alone. In this battle, on one side America is standing with Israel and on the other side are its three biggest enemies. The first name in this is the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who is always ready for a conflict with America after the war in Ukraine.

There is fear that the war will intensify

The other name is that of Xi Jinping, who dreams of becoming all-powerful in the world and wants to wrest superpower power from Biden at any cost. The third name is that of dictator Kim Jong. This means that the most destructive trio has come together against Biden, after which there are fears that the war could flare up.