In Bathinda, the fury of cold and unknown disease, the death of many orphans


Around 100 cattle died in Raikewala village of Bathinda in a week. The cause of death of the animals is said to be infection and increasing cold. Currently, the team of doctors is investigating the cause of death. Along with this, due to the continuous death of animals, the animal owners are very worried and panicked.

The team of doctors is going door to door in the village giving medicines to the sick animals. More than 100 animals are said to have died by the villagers. The reason for which could not be known.

The livestock keepers alleged that the doctors did not vaccinate the animals on time, which should have been done about 2 to 3 months ago. Neither are doctors available within the hospital in the village. In such a situation, where do people go to get their animals treated?

On the other hand, according to the veterinary doctor, so far 25 to 30 dead animals have come to them. Further investigation is underway. The team of doctors has also taken samples from Jalandhar. Only after the report comes, it will be possible to tell what is the cause of death of animals.