If you want to maintain the health of children in the growing cold, then keep these things in mind Take care of children in winter Punjabi news


Take special care of children in winter

Winter season is good for some people but children have to face many problems in this season. This the weather Children face many problems like cold, flu and cough. Children whose immunity is weak, their health deteriorates significantly. Children's health has to be taken care of especially in the cold season. This is because if the children in the meantime the cold If applied, its effect lasts for several weeks. In such a situation, the protection of children is essential. Let's know how to take care of children's health in this season from doctors.

Pediatrician Dr. Arun Shah says that it is very important to keep the body of children warm in this season. Dress them warmly for this. Meanwhile, keep children's feet, head and hands covered. Dress the children in socks, gloves and a hat. Avoid taking children outside in the morning and evening. If the child has any serious problems like asthma, COPD and pneumonia, seek medical advice immediately in case of mild fever or cough.

Do not let the lack of water

People think that they should drink less water in winter season but it is not so. It is important to keep the body of children hydrated even in this season. For this, give them water once in two to three hours. According to the health of the children, give them warm water. Do not give cold water at all. Give children only warm water and do not give them cold juices of any kind.

Pay attention to diet

In order to take care of the health of children in this season, it is necessary to pay attention to their food and drink. Do not feed children outside food. Green vegetables to them. Feed things like spinach, ginger and dry fruits. If the child already has a serious illness, take special care of his health. Children can also be at risk of flu during winter season. In such a case, it is important that he gets the flu vaccine.