Denmark Drops Charges Against Norwegian Air Shuttle for Not Refunding Passengers


Prosecuting authorities of Denmark has decided to make a drop in charges in the case related to Norwegian Air Shuttleโ€™s non-compliance with the repayment deadline in the passengerโ€™s rights regulation.

According to the statement of the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority, the prosecution in the case related to Norwegian Air Shuttle has been waived as far as the non-compliance with the repayment deadline in the regulation is concerned, reports.

โ€œThe Danish Transport Agency informed on December 20 2022, that the Copenhagen Police had completed processing the Danish Transport Agencyโ€™s police report of several airlines for non-payment of refunds. At that time, there was still no clarification regarding Norwegian Air Shuttle,โ€ the statement reads.

The same notes that the prosecution has estimated that no criminal proceedings should be brought against the Norwegian low-cost airline as well as Norwayโ€™s largest airline, regarding the non-compliance with the deadlines in the agencyโ€™s order of October 13, 2020, after further prosecution cannot be expected to lead the Norwegian airline being found guilty.

โ€œThe prosecution has emphasized here that the agencyโ€™s order contained conditions which Norwegian Air Shuttle has not had the opportunity to comply with as a result of the fact that the reconstruction of the company was initiated by an order issued on December 8 2020, by Oslo Byfogdembete in Norway,โ€ the statement reads.

Despite the fact that the airline was subject to significant difficulties, it managed to welcome a large number of passengers.

The figures provided by Aviation Source News revealed that Norwegian Airlines had an operating profit of a total of NOK 1,502 million (โ‚ฌ132,456.53) last year.

The airline managed to prevent financial losses, especially in the fourth quarter of 2022, during which period an operating loss of NOK 39 million (โ‚ฌ3,439,613.19) was registered.

Regarding liquidity, Norwegian Air Shuttle has nearly NOK 7.8 billion in cash and finished last year with a fleet of a total of 70 aircraft at present.

In the fourth quarter of last year, the airline welcomed 4.6 million travellers or a surge from the 3.1 million that was reported in the fourth quarter of 2021.

โ€œWe now close a chapter on 2022, a year where our operations have performed well, despite sweeping industry challenges across European airports,โ€ the CEO and former CFO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, Geir Karlsen, pointed out.

He noted that last year the airline delivered an operating profit of a total of NOK 1,502 million (โ‚ฌ132,424.70) despite high fuel prices as well as the strong United States dollar.


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