China’s spilled pain! Israel’s action against Hamas described as unjust

Israel The Israel-Hamas war completed its seven days on Saturday. Hamas fighters suddenly fired about 5,000 rockets at Israel and crossed the border and entered Israel. They the israeli (Israeli) Citizens were taken hostage. Hundreds of people were killed in this attack. After which Israel retaliated and destroyed the Gaza Strip. This action of Israel has not been liked by many countries. One of them is China, which has condemned Israel’s action on Palestine as wrong. At the same time, he has quietly supported Hamas.

china (China) Foreign Minister Wang Yi said against Israel that such action is unfair to the Palestinians. This is the cause of war. At the same time, China has justified Hamas’s attack on Israel.

At the same time, the alliance of Russia, Iran and Turkey between the burning bombs on the Gaza Strip is scaring the western countries. In the last five-six days, Russia and Iran have intensified the series of meetings with allied countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin had a phone conversation with Turkish President Erdogan. Two days ago, Putin met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Al-Sudani.

Israel must stop the bombing

There is also news that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas may soon meet Putin in Moscow. In the phone conversation between Putin and Turkish President Erdoğan, the issue of the deaths of civilians being killed in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli bombing came to light. The statement issued by the Kremlin said that Israel should immediately stop the bombing.

Turkey asked its citizens to leave Lebanon

Meanwhile, Turkey has asked its citizens to leave Lebanon. Many questions are now being asked as to why Turkey asked its citizens to leave Lebanon. The question is, is a major war front going to open up in Lebanon? Is Lebanon preparing to retaliate against Israel? After Russia, the voice against Israel is also being raised in Belarus. Written in an article published in the mouthpiece of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. A victory for Palestine in Israeli territories would also be a victory for Moscow and Minsk.

Today is a night of disaster for Gaza

Israeli forces have completely surrounded Gaza. Tanks, artillery and ground forces have been deployed along the border near the Gaza Strip. Israeli tanks have also started shelling. Now, at the signal of PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli troops can enter Gaza by land route at any time and a major offensive can begin. Tonight could prove to be a night of disaster for Gaza. Israel could launch the biggest attack on Gaza from the ground.