Cheap liquor was being supplied in foreign brands

Cheap liquor was being supplied in foreign brands


Excise Commissioner Varun Roozam along with his team raided the Khasa Distillery Factory in Amritsar. Under the guise of this factory, the employees of this place have formed a gang and started the black market of liquor. The gang used to steal liquor from the distillery and bottle it expensively to meet the growing demand of liquor in the state.

Among the three members of the arrested gang are security guard Jaspal Singh of Khasa factory, Rajbir Singh of Sultanwind Road and Shivam Rathore of UP. has been taken into custody. Police and Excise Department have taken the action by registering a case against unknown persons as well.

According to the FIR registered at Gharinda police station, the security guard of the factory along with other people stole liquor from the factory and filled the bottles in different containers. Excise department and police have recovered 132 bottles of foreign and expensive liquor in a joint operation. which had no batch number and date.

The wedding season has started in Punjab. The festive season is also about to begin. In such a situation, the demand for foreign liquor has also started increasing. This gang took advantage of this and started black market. This gang used to steal the cheap country liquor that was bottled and ready in collaboration with the security personnel of the Khasa factory.

After which bottles of expensive foreign liquor were arranged and this liquor was filled in them but these bottles had neither date nor batch number on them. Due to which this gang was caught.

Currently, senior officials are silent about this action and an FIR has also been registered secretly. When contacted, officials of the Excise Department said that many other names are also going to be involved in this case. Not only this, many bottles of liquor have been smuggled before. The recovery of which will now be done by the Excise Department.

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