Cancer cases rise in Punjab; 30-plus age category most affected | Punjab


Chandigarh, February 6: The predominance of breast, cervix and oral cancers has more than quadrupled among Punjabis aged 30 and above, according to screening results from noncommunicable disease (NCD) clinics, and health experts are concerned about the loss of productive years.

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From April to December 2022, the state health department screened over 14.5 lakh people, finding 6,200, or 0.42%, with signs of these three common cancers. A year ago, the figure was 1,140 people out of 11.3 lahks, or 0.1%. Women have a higher incidence rate of cancer. The male-to-female ratio in every 1 lakh population is 1,079:1,215 across age groups, while the crude ratio is 101.6:127.7.

The increase in cases has been attributed to increased screening by the health department.

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