Bajwa hits back at CM Mann, Mann asks govt to clarify stand on SYL issue…


Chandigarh: The politics of Punjab is divided over the Sutlej Yamuna link issue. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann today again targeted the leaders of the opposition parties over the SYL issue. Maan said that he should not worry about the issue of water in Punjab, because when the farm was small, my duty was to go round the ditch so that no ditch would come out of the ditch. The name of the river is ‘Sutlej’.

Reacting to Mann’s statement, Leader of Opposition Pratap Bajwa asked the Mann government to clarify its stand on the SYL issue. Bajwa tweeted that Maharaja Satoj, when the team will come to Punjab for the survey of SYL on the instructions of the Supreme Court, first of all clarify the stand of your party and the government on it.

Bajwa questioned and said that will you help in stopping that survey and tell why your legal team weakened Punjab’s side in the Supreme Court on Shah Rag Pani. He said that the people of your village used to discuss that when you used to do duty on the khal, people often used to pick you up from the field and leave home in the evening. See if the water of Punjab does not flow from under your nose to Haryana again, just like the neighbors used to take the water of your waste water. “Bhagwant Shah” If you had any shame, you would not have left Punjab alone and become the driver of your master and would not have driven the plane of Punjab to other states every day. Is this not the looting of the treasury of Punjab? Punjab is waiting for your reply.

It should be said that Chief Minister Mann targeted the leaders of the opposition parties in a tweet today and said that “Honorable Sunil Jakhar ji, Sukhbir Badal ji, Bajwa ji, Raja Waring ji…someone would walk away with something called Sharam”. Oh or not??.. Balram Jakhar ji is also standing with Captain in the photo that matches Chandi di Kahi., Devi Lal praised Parkash Singh Badal in Haryana Vidhan Sabha for giving permission to conduct SYL survey..

Sukhbir Sinhan brought the staff of the Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon.. Don’t worry about the remaining water, when the fields were small, my duty used to be to go around the ditch so that no ditch would come out of the ditch.. The duty is still God. has placed an e-mail on my khal but this time the khal’s name is ‘Sutlej’ .. on 1st November please bring the kursinama made for the kursi of your forefathers. How many times they were sacrificed by saying


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