School of Eminence auspicious start in Amritsar, CM said, new schools will be ready in 15 days


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal inaugurated the School of Eminence with Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann in Amritsar on Wednesday.

Kejriwal said – Have you seen the movie Jawan, in which Shah Rukh Khan says, don’t vote for those who have come to ask for votes in the name of caste and religion. Ask them if they will give my children a good education. If my family falls ill, you will make good arrangements for their treatment. Now there is only one party that says it will provide good education and good health facilities.

Earlier it was said that Delhi is small, it can be there, but now a revolution has been brought in Punjab. Private schools in Amritsar also do not have this facility. I am happy that this is the first school built.

New schools will be ready after every 15 days
CM Bhagwant Mann said that the biggest guarantee given before the elections is education. We have fulfilled this guarantee. The first school is ready. Now admissions will start in government schools. It seemed impossible for Punjab, but everyone worked hard and our first Eminence School is ready.

Here parents have taken their children out of private schools and admitted them. This is the belief of parents. Now we have covered a distance of 20 km each. Transport has been started. Due to lack of transport, parents also expelled mature girls. The people of Punjab looked with respect. We talk about education for a nation and the entire country. Just as the children of the rich get education, the children of the poor will also start getting education.

Now after every 15 days schools will be prepared and modern facilities will also be provided to them.

Kejriwal’s tweet – I am on a 3 day visit to Punjab
Before coming to Punjab, Arvind Kejriwal said on social media – I am on a three-day visit to Punjab from today. Bhagwant Maan ji has built the first school of eminence in Punjab. Will inaugurate it with them today. Now even the poor people of Punjab will start getting good education. We should participate in imparting good education to a poor child – there is no greater act of charity, no greater act of nation building than this. I am very excited to see that school today. Now one by one all the schools of Punjab will be made excellent.

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