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We are surrounded by so much technology from all sides that now it seems difficult for us to live without these technologies. Be it phone, tablet or any other gadget, our dependence on these gadgets has increased so much that they have become a part of our life. But this dependence is doing us as much harm as it is good for us. In such a situation, the mother's saying in every house is proving true that these phones and gadgets have damaged our brain.

Impact of gadgets on brain

Our dependence on these gadgets has been a matter of concern for experts, where these gadgets have made our lives easier but now their increasing addiction is affecting our mental health, it is called digital addiction. is Due to this, lack of concentration, depression and stress are seen in people. People are getting addicted to the likes they get on social media. Such a craze of mobile games is being seen among children that they are becoming aggressive if they do not get the phone. This digital world is reading our minds in such a way that instead of being dominated by us, it is dominating us.

Disappointing results found in research

Disappointing results have been revealed in the research done on it recently. Studies conducted on the use of technology have shown that its overuse is adversely affecting our ability to remember. Our brain is receiving information from many places at the same time, in such a situation the brain is finding it difficult to remember all the information quickly. This is all due to our multitasking as we are working on multiple sites and apps simultaneously. From this

– Lack of concentration

– Difficulty focusing

– Poor performance at work

– Effects such as difficulty in remembering are observed.

– Physical and mental problems are increasing

Apart from this, our physical and mental problems are also increasing due to their use.

Stress and headache

– Neck and back pain

– Carpal tunnel syndrome

– Depression

Apart from this, social distancing is also increasing due to these gadgets. It is said that everyone is sitting together but everyone is busy with their mobile phones. Due to this, people are spending more time on the phone instead of talking to each other, which is leading to increased loneliness. So, use these tools as much as necessary. Don't get addicted to it and keep your physical and mental health healthy.