After the victory, the atmosphere of celebration at the home of Indian hockey team captain Manpreet, the mother said passionately – the prayer was accepted, watch the video …

The Indian men’s hockey team has won a bronze medal for the country at the Tokyo Olympics after 41 years. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the homes of hockey players all over the country as well as in Jalandhar. Congratulations to hockey team captain Manpreet’s house in Mithapur, Jalandhar.

captain manpreets mother said

Meanwhile, everyone has congratulated Manpreet’s mother Manjeet Kaur and player Mandeep Singh’s father Ravinder Singh and mother. There was a lot of fireworks on this happy occasion and family members along with the fans also found bhangra to the beat of drums. Happy with the hockey team winning the bronze medal, Varun’s father Brahmanand and mother Shakuntala said they are now waiting for Putt to return. He also spoke to his son and said that he would be given a warm welcome.

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Mandeep’s father Ravinder Singh, mother Davinder Kaur and brother Harwinder Singh said that they spoke to Mandeep on the phone. He was very emotional. It is a matter of great joy that the son has made the country famous. Now we are waiting for his return so that we can celebrate openly. The Indian team has not only won a bronze medal but also won the hearts of all with its performance in the tournament. Despite a 1-7 defeat in the second group match against Australia, the Indian team finished second after winning the remaining four group matches. Despite stiff competition in the first three quarters, the team lost to world champions Belgium 2-5 in the semifinals. The Indian team has won an Olympic medal 41 years after winning a gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Watch the video: Home atmosphere of Indian hockey team captain Manpreet after the victory, mother became emotional LIVE from Jalandhar!

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