A case of murder should be filed with the CM, Sukhbir Badal’s demand on the death of a farmer in Sangrur – Punjabi news | A case of murder should be filed with the CM, Sukhbir Badal’s demand on the death of a farmer in Sangrur, Know full details in punjabi


The politics of Punjab has heated up with the death of a farmer at Lagonwal in Sangrur. Various parties have condemned the Punjab government in this matter. Sukhbir Badal has demanded to file a 302 case against the CM. BJP said that the face of the Punjab government has been exposed and the anti-farmer face has come in front of everyone.

Punjab News The farmers of Punjab are protesting due to the death of a farmer of Pritam Singh during the demonstration at Sangrur. And there Punjab Govt (Punjab Govt) It has also come under the target of opponents. Sukhbir Badal even demanded to file a murder case against the CM by tweeting. He said that due to the death of the farmer, there is a wave of mourning among all the farmers of Punjab.

On the other hand, BJP has also targeted the government and the farmer’s death. In a tweet, the Punjab BJP said that the failure of the Punjab government and its dictatorships have crossed all limits. It is very unfortunate that instead of listening to the demands of the farmers, they have treated them with a stick. Targeting the BJP, he said that the Punjab government, which used to talk big in favor of farmers, is now treating the farmers. There, Bajwa also took the government with a long hand.

Sukhbir Badal said this in a tweet

Sukhbir Badal tweeted that he got information about the death of a farmer at Sangrur. Which they are very sorry for. The poor farmer has died because of his accusation. Sukhbir Badal said that a case of 302 should be registered against CM Mann and strict action should be taken against the officers who ordered the caning.

BJP also besieged the Punjab government

On the other hand, BJP expressed regret over the farmer’s death by tweeting. BJP Punjab said that due to the death of the farmer and the lathi charge on the farmers, the face of the AAP government of Punjab has been exposed. The Chief Minister only talks about being a farmer’s benefactor but in reality he is anti-farmer which is exemplified by the death of a farmer in Sangrur.

The government did not give compensation to the farmers – Bajwa

There, Pratap Singh Bajwa surrounded the Punjab government. He regretted the death of a farmer in Sangrur and also held the Punjab government responsible for the farmer’s death. The Leader of the Opposition said that the floods have wreaked havoc in Punjab. After this, the AAP government is planning to give relief up to five acres of crop loss to each farmer, which cannot be accepted. He said that the Punjab government has not yet given compensation to the farmers. Pratap Singh Bajwa said that the so-called change and farmer-friendly government has once again pushed forward its black agenda. He said that this time farmers are facing difficulties.

This is how the farmer died

During the demonstration at Sangrur, farmer Pritam Singh’s leg was badly injured, who was referred to Rajindra Hospital after first aid at the local hospital, but the farmer died during treatment at the hospital.


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