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When you are emotionally strong, you can face difficult situations in a better way.
Being emotionally strong makes it easier for a person to overcome bad times.

Habits of Emotionally Strong People: At some point or the other, emotions stir within every person. If the occasion is of happiness, it is a different matter, but often in difficult times, a flood of emotions is felt. People who are emotionally weak are unable to control themselves even in the slightest adverse situation, on the other hand, if a person is emotionally strong, then he can face even the most difficult situation firmly and still remains emotionally strong. remains strong since. You can identify whether you are emotionally strong or not with the help of some habits.
Keeping yourself cool according to the circumstances is the identity of an emotionally strong person. nickwignall.medium.com According to the news of emotionally strong people have 5 habits. Let’s know about them…

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1. Metacognition – Emotionally strong people have the quality of metacognition. Metacognition means thinking only about your thinking. This means that a person has the ability to access emotions like his own thoughts, emotions, moods, expectations. Most of the time our mind is on autopilot mode and events keep happening and we keep reacting. During this, emotionally strong people focus closely on their every thought, activity.

2. Attention shifting Most people spend a lot of their time thinking about what attracts their attention. Be it social media or fantasizing about a new car. Our mind easily shifts from one thing to another. Let us tell you that the content of your thoughts determines the content of your mood. If you are always worried about the future, then it makes you feel very nervous. Similarly, if you remember old mistakes, then you feel ashamed of yourself. In such a situation, remove yourself from useless thoughts and learn to control your attention. This is a quality of emotionally strong people.

3. Self-compassion Emotionally strong people have self-compassion. That is, they have compassion for themselves and are good friends. When you are struggling, treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. If you want to avoid painful emotions, practice self-compassion instead of being self-judgmental.

4. Emotional tolerance Emotional tolerance is enough in emotionally strong people. Emotional strength means that whenever you are in a difficult emotional situation or mood, react in a better way so that you do not get emotionally out of control. Emotional tolerance is the ability to come out of bad experiences in life.

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5. Assertive Communication – Many people think of being rude or angry when they hear assertive, but in reality, assertive communication is not rude or palsy in any way. Healthy communication is the healthy communication between passive communication and aggressive communication. Emotionally strong people resort to assertive communication only. In aggressive communication the feelings of others are not taken care of, while in passive communication the person does not take care of his own needs. On the other hand, the Assertive Communication person honestly expresses his wants and needs. He keeps his point in such a way that he remains respectful to others as well.

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