When the cylinder was moved, everyone’s senses flew away! Masa Bachi Jaan (Video)

When the cylinder was moved, everyone’s senses flew away!  Masa Bachi Jaan (Video)


Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Sometimes people feel that they are indoors and what could be a safer place than that. But there are many cases where the safest place turns out to be the most insecure. Rainy season is quite attractive but many kinds of insects, snakes and scorpions come out in this season. Especially during the rainy season, the cases of snake attacks increase significantly.

These snakes often come indoors in search of a safe place for themselves. Also, they hide in places where it is difficult to see them. Sometimes inside the shoes and sometimes in the toilet. Recently a woman saw a huge cobra in the kitchen of her house. This cobra was hiding behind a gas cylinder in his kitchen. When the woman heard a strange sound from the kitchen, she searched there. She ran out screaming.

The sound was coming from behind the cylinder
The viral video has been shared on social media site Instagram. In the video, the kitchen of the woman’s house is visible. Apart from this, food on the stove was also seen. But for a long time he was hearing a voice from behind the cylinder. He thought that the gas pipe was leaking somewhere. He was shocked when he moved the cylinder forward to check. A large cobra came out from behind with its hood spread.

People got scared as soon as they saw it
As the woman pushed the cylinder forward, a huge cobra snake came out from behind. This snake was really big. was also attacking After being in attack mode for a while, it came out through the window next to the kitchen. But on the way out, the size of the snake surprised everyone. No one knows where such a large snake came from. This scary video is going viral on social media. So far it has been viewed millions of times.


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