Traffic police assistant booth will be built soon in Chandigarh


Traffic police assistant booths will soon be constructed in Chandigarh. These booths will be built on the model of Delhi's Beet House. In the first phase, a total of 8 places have been identified for the construction of these booths. They will be started from Matka Chowk of Sector 17. These booths made of pre-fabricated materials will have LED boards around them, on which the helpline number or any important information can be displayed for the public.

There will also be a sound system with microphones and speakers. With this, any public announcement can be made through microphone, pen drive or smartphone. Along with this, the direction of waterless urination is also being considered in view of the convenience of the policemen who are on duty for several hours at the intersections of the city.

Administration Home Secretary Nitin Kumar said that in the first phase, traffic police assistant booths will be constructed at many places in the city. Various facilities will be found here. Therefore, the process of tender etc. is being done. The facility of waterless urination is also being considered.

The then SSP (traffic and security) Manisha Chaudhary had last year demanded from the transport secretary that the administration and the chief engineer of the corporation should be directed to deploy the traffic police at the given places on priority basis in public interest. Subsidiary booths should be constructed on the lines of model beet houses in Delhi. Manisha Chowdhury had written to the Transport Secretary asking for the construction of traffic police assistant booths at the main intersections of the city.

Earlier in November, 2021, in the meeting of the State Level Road Safety Council, it was agreed with the Chief Engineer and Chief Architect of the UT administration to conduct a survey of such booth construction sites in the city. A joint police-administration survey was conducted on February 28, 2022. Under this, some such intersections have been identified where there is sufficient space to construct traffic police assistant booths in the first phase.

Of these, four were in Madhya Marg/Jan Marg, three in Southern Marg and one in Eastern Marg. The places that have been marked include New Barricade Chowk (Sector 3/4-9/10), Matka Chowk (Sector 16/17-9/10), Transport Light Point (Sector 26/28-Phase 1, Industrial Area), Railway Station Light Point-Tribune Chowk (Sector 29/31-Phase 1, 2 Industrial Area), Hallomajra Light Point-Pikkadli Chowk (Sector 21/22-34/35)-Kali Bari Light Point are included.

Galvanized iron sandwich panels have been used to strengthen the booths. A six mm HPL sheet has been installed to protect from rain and sun. UPVC windows and doors have a better finish and are more durable. The windows have strong 4 mm aluminum sheet which will protect against corrosion.

There is also thermal insulation to avoid over heating and cooling. There are also sound systems with microphones and speakers. With this, any public announcement can be made through microphone, pen drive or smartphone. The booths have solar power backup with a backup of eight to 10 hours. It can also be connected directly to the power supply. There is also a wardrobe facility for storing uniforms, files and other belongings. There are charging facilities for charging mobile phones etc., LED lights and fans, curtains and wooden ply flooring above cement board.