This new Andar of Shubman Gill will surprise you!


Bureau Report: You will be surprised to know the new estimate of Shubman Gill, who has become the star cricketer of Team India who scored the most runs in IPL. In the recently released film ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’, Indian Spider-Man Pavitra Prabhakar is voiced by Shubman Gill. Gill has dubbed in Hindi and Punjabi in this film. But Gill said he enjoyed dubbing in Punjabi more than Hindi.

‘I am also a prankster like Pavitra’

Being the voice of our Indian Spider Man, Pavitra Prabhakar in Hindi and Punjabi language was a memorable experience for me. Before this I had never dubbed in any projector. Shubman said this character is a completely Indian teenager who is very funny, talkative and quick-witted, in real life I am also a prankster like Pavitra. Shubman Gill said that he got it through the projectionist manager, he came to me and said that Sony Pictures is interested in signing me and they want me to do the voice of Indian Spider-Man. I was very happy to hear that. I am a big fan of Spider-Man, but then did I say yes immediately?

It was difficult to express my feelings for three hours

Shubman Gill said that during dubbing, the most difficult thing for me was to express different emotions for three hours. Usually, there are many emotions that do not come out everyday. Spider-Man’s character was that of a teenager, around whom many things were going on. Gill said it happened many times when my dubbing people were happy but I was not happy. My purpose is to give the best.

Punjabi dubbing was the most fun

Shubman Gill said that I enjoyed Punjabi dubbing more than Hindi because it is my mother tongue. When Spider-Man was not dubbed in Punjabi, there were short clips of it in Punjabi which I liked very much. Now the entire film has been dubbed in Punjab, so it feels better to be a part of this film.

I will not act for now

Shubman Gill said that for now he will not act, if I find myself capable of it or if I like my acting, then I can try my luck in this field.

Ignore the trolls

After scoring a century against Bengaluru last day, bad language was used against Shubman Gill’s sister on social media. Gill said that they do not pay attention to trolls, they stay away from social media. They have a way of getting away with it.

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