This medicine is a companion of women in difficult days, 570 crore tablets are sold every year, this is the right dosage


If any person in our family gets fever or any other minor illness, then everyone becomes a doctor. Suggests to take paracetamol and some other medicines. But, when a girl is going through period pain, she does not talk about it to any male member of the family. By the way mail members cannot even understand this pain. In such a situation, the chemist or the mother gives him a medicine. This is a very popular medicine. Most chemists suggest this only. About 570 crore tablets of this medicine are sold every year in the country. But, today we want to talk about this medicine in some detail. What should be its dosage? What are its side effects? There are many questions like how much pain should be taken, about which there is no talk in the families.

In fact, stomach and Period To relieve pain, there are many medicines available in the market made by mixing Mefenamic Acid & Dicyclomine. One of these is Meftal Spas. According to a report, medicines made of mefenamic acid and dicyclomine are sold every year to the tune of Rs 180 crore. only in this Meftal Spas The sale of is around 155 crores. This has been said in the report of market research firm IQVIA. According to this report, about 570 crore tablets of these medicines are sold every year. Out of this only Meftal Spas has about 470 crore tablets. From this you can guess how widely this medicine is used.

75 percent of girls go through pain during periods
According to a report, 75 out of 100 girls in India are like this. Period During this she goes through a fair amount of pain. This figure came out from the report of International Journal of Medical Science published in 2015. It was also found in this that girls whose mother had problem of pen during periods, this problem was more in them.

Only 5 percent go to the doctor.
According to this report, only 5 percent of the girls go to the doctor. 28 percent treat themselves. While 65 percent of the girls adopt rest and home remedies during this period. Doctors say about this pain during periods 85 percent of the girls passing through take Meftal Spas on the advice of family or friends. This medicine is in the Indian market since 1981. It is sold by a company called Pfizer.

meftal spas dosage
By the way, this medicine cannot be bought without a doctor’s prescription. But, it is usually found in medical stores in India. It provides relief from mild fever and fatigue with abdominal pain. As far as its dosage is concerned, ideally you should not take this medicine without the advice of a doctor. Its dosage is decided according to the age and physical condition of the patient. A normal woman can take maximum three tablets in a day. According to the website, it should be taken after meals and with normal water. In any case, the patient should not consume this tablet continuously for more than seven days. It is not advised to chew or break the tablet. You should never take a double dose of this medicine.

Meftal Spas side effects
Due to the use of this medicine, many times women may face problems like breathing, vomiting and nausea. This can also happen due to drug overdose. In this case, you should talk to your doctor immediately. Along with this, women trying to become a mother should avoid its use. Its use can cause infertility problems. In technical language it is called Reversible Infertility. Means such infertility which can be cured by treatment.

Diabetic patients should not take Meftal Spas
Talking about the side effects of Meftal Spas, patients of diabetes should not consume it without doctor’s advice. When diabetic patients consume it, there is a risk of further lowering of blood sugar level in them. Similarly, patients taking blood pressure medicine should also avoid taking it.

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