The world’s most ‘miraculous’ fruit! By eating daily for 4 months…

Eyesight improving Fruit: Eating carrots is considered good for eyes. Vitamin-A and beta-carotene found in it keep the eyes healthy but what if you don’t like to eat carrots. In that case, a new study may help you, which suggests that eating grapes is just as good for the eyes as carrots. Eating this ‘miracle’ fruit daily for 4 months can make your eyes as sharp as vultures and you will be able to see clearly even in the dark!

How are grapes good for the eyes?: Eating just a handful of grapes every day for four months improves eye health, DailyMail reports (Tips to Improve Eyes). The secret lies in the fact that most of the damage to the eyes is caused by oxidative stress, and grapes are rich in antioxidants. For these reasons, grapes are beneficial for the eyes. Grapes also lower cholesterol.

This is revealed by a new study
The National University of Singapore conducted a study on whether eating grapes is good for the eyes. A university team conducted an experiment on 34 people. The team gave some of these people a cup and a half of grapes every day for 16 weeks, and some a placebo. Miraculous results came before him from this experiment.

Grape eaters showed significant increases in macular pigment optical density (MPOD), plasma antioxidant capacity, and total phenolic content compared to placebo eaters. Those who did not eat grapes on the day had significantly less harmful ocular advanced glycation end products (AGEs). the skin ) was observed to increase. The study is published in the journal Food and Function.

The study states that oxidative stress and high levels of AGI are among the main risk factors for eye diseases. Researchers found that AGEs can cause a number of eye diseases by damaging retinal vascular components, disrupting cellular function and causing oxidative stress.

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