There should be so much bad cholesterol in the blood, otherwise the risk of heart disease will increase, control LDL in 5 easy ways



When bad cholesterol increases, it accumulates in the arteries of the blood.
If cholesterol is in excess, it obstructs the blood flow.

Bad Cholesterol Normal Level: The problem of increasing cholesterol has become quite common these days. Even at a young age, this problem is putting people in trouble. There is good and bad cholesterol in the body. Low density lipoprotein (LDL) is called bad cholesterol. As the name suggests, an increase in good cholesterol is considered good for the body, while an increase in bad cholesterol can lead to heart disease. It is very important to control LDL cholesterol. First of all, know that what is the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood and how to control it.

of New Delhi Dr. Vanita Arora, Senior Cardiologist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital It is said that the amount of bad cholesterol in the body in our blood should be less than 100 mg/dL. If the amount of bad cholesterol becomes 130 mg/dL, then it is considered borderline. If the amount of LDL cholesterol exceeds 130, then it can be dangerous for heart health. It accumulates in the arteries of the blood and affects the blood flow. Problems of heart attack and stroke can arise due to obstruction in blood flow. This is the reason why one should try to control the bad cholesterol level.

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How much should be good and total cholesterol

According to Dr. Vanita Arora, the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) in our body should be 50 mg/dL or more. The more good cholesterol is, the more beneficial it will be for heart health. If we talk about total cholesterol, then it should be less than 200 mg/dL. Talking about testing, all people above the age of 25 must get their cholesterol checked from time to time. Cholesterol level can be detected through blood test. The problem of increasing cholesterol should never be ignored, because doing so can prove to be fatal.

Control bad cholesterol like this

Adopt healthy lifestyle
Nutritious diet must be taken
– should be exercised daily
Get periodic checkups
Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time

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