There is a new update in the case of shooting a Kabaddi player, the father of the nominated person committed suicide.

Recently, there was news of a Kabaddi player coming to the house of Dhurkot Ransinh in Moga district and firing shots at him, during which the Kabaddi player was also seriously injured. Now a new update has come out in this news.

Sukhdeep Singh’s father Inderpal Singh Sohna, a resident of Dhurkot Ransinh, who was named in the case of shooting an international kabaddi player at his house at Dhurkot Ransinh in Moga, committed suicide after coming out of police custody last night.

According to the information received, recently Kabaddi player Harvinder Singh Bindri was attacked when he was present in his house. Meanwhile, two shooters who came to see pigeons in the house opened fire on him, in which Bindru was seriously injured.

In this case, the investigation was ongoing by the police in which it was suspected that this person Inderpal Singh may be involved in the attack, who was brought to the police station for questioning on the basis of suspicion, who was the responsibility of the prominent members of the village at night. was released on

After this, Inderpal Singh went home and committed suicide by consuming Sulfas tablets. According to the family, Inderpal Singh has committed suicide due to the misbehavior of the chief officer. Now the family members have accused the police that they were illegally harassed by the police.