The story of 7 brothers’ sister Veera’s husband’s fasting

Karwachauth story : In Hinduism it is very important to listen to the story of any fast. No fast is complete without a story. So there are many old stories related to all kinds of fasts and festivals according to Puranic beliefs. Talking about fasting, the story of Karva Chauth, a holy fast for women, is also prevalent in scriptures. Fasting women must listen to this story of Karva Chauth. This gives the full benefit of fasting. According to astrology, Karva Chauth has been going on since ancient times, so its story is also heard from that time. Karva Chauth will be celebrated across India tomorrow. In such a case, today we will tell you the whole story of the festival.

This is the story of Karva Chauth
According to mythological beliefs, there used to be a moneylender here. That banker had seven sons and one daughter. After the girl’s marriage, she went to her in-laws’ house. The seven brothers loved their sister very much. Once on the day of Karva Chauth, the seven sons of a moneylender went to meet their sister at her house. When he reached his sister’s house, he found that his sister had fasted without water and had not consumed food or water for the whole day. He asked his sister to drink water but she said that she can drink water only after the moon rises. The brother noticed that the moon was not visible in the sky. Seeing all this, the younger brother could not control himself and went from a distance and lit a lamp on a tree and placed it under the canopy. Because of this, it looked like the moon had gone out. On his request, his sister broke her fast after seeing the moon. As soon as she put the first morsel in her mouth, she sneezed, as soon as the sister took the second morsel, her hair fell out, and as soon as the sister took the third morsel, she received the news of her husband’s death. After the death of her husband, the moneylender’s daughter became so sad that she decided not to perform her husband’s last rites.

She kept her husband’s body for a year
The girl was determined to bring her husband back to life through her chastity. After this she sat by her husband’s dead body for a year. After this she continued to collect the grass growing on it. A year later, on the day of Karva Chauth, he observed a Chaturthi fast and observed a fair fast with all the rituals.

The husband came back to life
In the evening, she took the same grass and prayed to the married women to make her a remarried woman by sacrificing her husband’s life. Seeing his severe penance and fasting, by God’s grace, the husband of the moneylender’s daughter came back to life. According to the legend, just as the husband of the moneylender’s daughter is saved by hearing this story, in the same way, by hearing the story of Karva Chauth, the life of all married women is kept alive.