The snake came out in the flying plane, the passengers breathed dry, see how the boy showed courage and found the snake in the bottle: video


Snake in a plane: A snake suddenly appeared on a Thai Air Asia flight, which created a commotion inside the plane. As soon as the passengers saw the snake, they started sweating out of fear. He left his seat and stood at some distance. Although the snake was small, it was seen crawling on the luggage rack above the passenger seat. This incident is said to be on January 13. Now its video is going viral.

This video has been posted on social media platform X (Twitter) by a user named @ThaiEnquirer, in the caption of which he has given important information about the incident. He said that a TikTok user @wannabtailsalon posted a video of a small snake on a flight from Bangkok to Phuket. “After being informed about the snake by passengers, a flight attendant used a plastic bottle and a bag to catch it before landing.”

X Post added, 'The incident happened on January 13 on Thai AirAsia flight FD3015 from Don Mueang Airport to Phuket Airport. Currently, there is no information about how the snake reached the plane as none of the passengers have agreed to bring it on board.

What is seen in the video?

In the video (airasia flight video), the passengers were seen getting up from their seats after seeing the snake in the plane. The snake was crawling on the overhead luggage compartment. Then a crew member comes there and then he catches the snake with the help of a plastic bottle and a big bag. Even after catching the snake, the passengers are looking scared after seeing this incident.


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