The mother prepared and sent the son to school, the body returned home


This news came out from the Tarn Taran area, where there is an atmosphere of mourning in the area after the death of a five-year-old child at Lohka village.

According to the information received, it has been found that the child was sent to school by the parents with great enthusiasm.
When the deceased child Harjot Singh reached village Lohke in the van after leaving school at around 11 o’clock, a truck was passing by Tarn Taran Wale, which took Harjot Singh in its lap. It is being told that the accident was so terrible that the son died on the spot. When the son, who was sent to school with all his wishes, returned home as a dead body, there was an uproar in the family. Within minutes, the happiness of this house turned into mourning.

On the other hand, talking to the journalist, the father of the deceased, Gurbhaj Singh, said that my son was studying in a private school. K. G. used to study in Now the victim’s family is demanding justice. They are demanding that strict action be taken against the truck driver.

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