The in-law family did a bad thing with the daughter-in-law!

Bureau Report: In Nabha, Peke’s family reached the crematorium and put out the burning cremation of their daughter. The police also arrived with the fire brigade to help the Peke family. The half-burnt body of the daughter was taken out. Peke’s family alleges that the in-laws killed their daughter and cremated her at night. As soon as they got the news, they immediately reached from Sangrur and extinguished the fire by pouring water, while the police also reached the spot, they controlled the fire with the fire brigade vehicle and took possession of the half-rotten body. The deceased was 24-year-old Paramjit Kaur, a resident of Sangrur. One and a half years ago, she got married to a person named Nima from Nabha.

According to Paramjit Kaur’s family, they had spoken to their daughter in the morning, but they were shocked to hear the news of her death in the evening. The in-laws were secretly cremating the daughter to erase the evidence. The mother of the deceased demanded that the entire matter should be investigated and they should get justice.

What was the reason behind the death of deceased Paramjit Kaur? Why was the in-law’s family secretly cremating? The police is recording the statements of both the families regarding him. The half-burnt body has been sent for post-mortem
The information related to the death and the cause can be known. Police officer Balwinder Singh said that we had received a complaint that Paramjit Kaur was being cremated by her in-laws at night near Alouharan Gate.

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