The date on the no-confidence motion has been fixed, the discussion will be held from August 8


No Confidence Motion: There was a constant demand for discussion on the no-confidence motion brought by the opposition alliance India. The date in this regard has been fixed in the monsoon session of the Parliament on Tuesday. On August 8, there will be a discussion on the no-confidence motion in the House. This discussion will last for three days.

That is, there will be a discussion on the no-confidence motion from August 8 to 10. The special thing is that on the third day of the discussion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will give his answer on this no-confidence motion.

Let us tell you that since the beginning of the monsoon session, the opposition alliance was continuously demanding PM Modi’s address to discuss the situation arising after the Manipur violence. The opposition parties demanded that PM Modi should make a statement in the House about the Manipur violence.

When was the motion of no confidence presented in the House?

A no-confidence motion was moved in the monsoon session of Parliament on 26 July. This proposal was presented by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi in the lower house of Parliament i.e. Lok Sabha. Let us tell you that a notice has to be filed to present the delivery.

There is no threat to the Modi government

A threat to ruling parties usually arises during a no-confidence motion. In the meantime, governments have also fallen many times. However, this time the Modi government is not in any danger from the no-confidence motion. Because the government has a sufficient number in the Lok Sabha.

Although even after this no confidence motion has been brought by the opposition party, while the opposition party knows that this resolution will not be able to be passed due to the large number. But the objective of the opposition is not to topple the government through this resolution but to force the Prime Minister to give a statement on Manipur violence in the House. To answer this proposal, PM Modi will now give his answer in the Lok Sabha on August 10.

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