The appeal of the United Farmers' Front on February 26, put tractors on the roads


The appeal of the United Farmers' Front on February 26, put tractors on the roads

United Kisan Morcha:
The WTO meeting is being held in Abu Dhabi from February 26 to 29. Here, the corporate scum of the entire world will gather and hatch schemes to suck the blood of the people.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not say like this.
Raje Sih Mukadam Kute. Stay awake and sleep. Don't hurt the servant. Ratu pitu kutiho chati jahu
Namely: these dogs in corporate gatherings break down on people doing their jobs comfortably. They injure them with their nails and then lick their blood and pulp with their tongues.

Their conditions include ending subsidies to farmers, tax-free access to markets and free competition. They also say that in underdeveloped countries like India, the subsidy should not exceed 10% of the total price.

While subsidies are being received in different countries as follows.
7253 dollars per farmer in America
7414 dollars per farmer in Canada
1068 dollars per farmer in the European Union
Only 49 dollars per farmer in India

In this way, by giving such subsidies, they keep the prices of food grains low in their country and now they want the legal restrictions to be removed to send these low-priced food grains to other countries. They demand unfettered access to world markets and open competition for exports of agricultural commodities.

When there is such a difference in subsidies as written above, how can it be called real and fair competition.
If one asks a farm laborer to wrestle with a wrestler who weighs a full quintal and is fed with almonds, desi ghee and other open foods, how is this fair competition?

Developed countries have thousands of acres of farms and have very good heavy machinery and other facilities. Along with this, as mentioned above, we get hundreds of times more subsidies than ours, so how will a poor farmer of ours be able to compete with him in the market?

Through these agreements, they sell their jeans, milk and other milk products at cheap prices in our markets. If this happens then who will buy our milk and jeans? That is why they are insisting that India should stop buying crops from its farmers as food security. The government is meeting to close the purchase.
There is a meeting of the World Trade Organization to bring a new form of the three bills that were rejected during the Delhi movement.

When the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi went to America to buy wheat in 1967, there was a war between America and Vietnam. The Americans said that they would give wheat to India only if India sided with America in this war. When Indira Gandhi did not agree to this, she had to return to the country empty-handed.

Only then, to make the country self-reliant in terms of food grains, agricultural scientist Swaminathan was entrusted with the responsibility of bringing the green revolution and removing the food crisis. For this, minimum support price of wheat and paddy was ensured. Now that the people of the country have started getting food grains, plans are being made to throw the same farmers to the wolves.

The corporate thugs of the world are asking through the WTO that the Indian government should stop buying grain for the ration system and allow free competition by removing legal restrictions on trade. For MSP, these conditions are a hindrance. In this way, the corporate robbers want to stop the subsidies and suck our remaining blood.