The announcement is coming for 775 permanent recruitments in hospitals with high school and high school diploma

ASEP’s first major announcement in the field of Health has entered the final stretch for the recruitment of permanent employees in hospitals throughout the country with a high school and high school diploma. This is an announcement of 775 permanent positions, categories DE – HR.

The announcement is expected to receive number 5K/2023 and be sent to the National Printing Office, according to authoritative sources, by the end of the current week. The permanent positions will be filled with Secondary and Compulsory Education candidates.

With the dispatch to the National Printing Office and the publication of the notice, the process of submitting electronic applications by the interested parties is expected to begin. According to ASEP sources, the process is expected to start in mid-November in order to then start the process to hire the successful candidates.

The selection of the new staff will be done with the points system.

For the DE category, the basic qualification, experience and knowledge of a foreign language are the decisive criteria that give critical points for appointment.

For the YE category, social attributes, such as the number of underage children, the time of unemployment and the number of children – three children, especially “count”. In the HR category, any experience is accepted, regardless of where it was obtained.

On the contrary, in the DE category, the previous service must be relevant to the subject of the position.

The specialties

According to information, the specialties which are expected to cover 800 health personnel are as follows:


Department of Nursing Assistants
Department of Nursing Assistants
DE Branch of Ambulance Crews
Department of Medical and Biological Laboratory Assistants (Manufacturers)
Department of Medical and Biological Laboratories (Manufacturers)
Department of Anesthesiology Assistants
Department of Medical Device Operators (Operators – Demonstrators)
Department of Pharmacy Assistants
Department of Physiotherapy Assistants
Department of Dietetics Assistants
Department of Culinary Arts (Cooks)
Department of Orthoptists
Department of Radiology Laboratory Assistants
Branch of DE Operators-Exhibitors
Faculty of Nutrition or Dietetics
Department of Nursing Assistants,
Department of Nursing Sisters
DE Department of Patient Caregivers,
DE Manufacturers Branch,
Department of Medical and Biological Laboratory Assistants,
Department of Radiology Laboratory Assistants,
Department of Medical Device Operators,
Department of Operators – Demonstrators,

This branch includes the specialties of Auxiliary Health Personnel. Particularly:


Chamber Assistants

Patient Transporters

Morticians – Shrouds – Crematoriums

Casualty carriers

of Patient Prisons.

The criteria for permanent appointment (category DE)

The Secondary education category includes those who have a high school diploma, IEK, TE and receive points from the following “tanks”:

Grade of basic qualification X 110

Second degree in a subject related to the academic subject of the position and its educational level with the basic degree – 150 points

Excellent knowledge of a foreign language – 70 points

Very good knowledge of a foreign language – 50 points

Experience – 7 points per month

Good knowledge of a foreign language – 30 points


The criteria for permanent appointment (HR category)

The Compulsory Education category includes those who have a high school diploma (or elementary school for those who graduated before 1980).

The criteria and points are as follows:

Number of minor children – up to 200 points

Child of a large family – 300 points

Child of a family of three – 200 points

Unemployment time – 50 points for each semester up to eight semesters

Experience – 7 points per month



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