Punjab Police has tightened the crackdown against those doing stunts on the road, issued instructions


The Punjab Police has cracked down on those doing stunts on the roads of the state and in this regard the DGP of the state. Gaurav Yadav has issued instructions to take strict legal action against stunt performers.

DGP on this occasion all police commissioners and SSP. It has been said in the instructions issued that the roads are not an arena for performing stunts. He said in the instructions that people should follow the traffic rules by being responsible citizens and the Punjab Police will enforce the traffic rules in all the cities of the state.

He said that by performing stunts on the roads, the number of road accidents increases and because of this the stunt performers not only put their lives at risk but also the lives of other people traveling on the road. .

Keeping in mind the road safety month, DGP Gaurav Yadav indicated to be strict about traffic rules and said that Punjab Police will make all possible efforts to ensure safe travel for all people. Similarly, the DGP office has directed all police officers to stop using loud horns in their respective jurisdictions.

He said that on the one hand, the Punjab Police has to completely control the crimes and gangsters, on the other hand, the traffic rules have to be implemented. He said that every person's life is precious and no youth should risk his life and other people's life while doing stunts on motorcycle.

On the other hand, on the instructions of the DGP Chief Minister, the police officers of all the districts have started taking steps to implement community policing. In this regard, the police officers are taking help from various social service organizations.