Praneet Kaur replied to the show cause notice of Congress


Patiala Member of Parliament and former Minister of State for External Affairs Parneet Kaur has hit out at the Congress for issuing a show-cause notice to her for anti-party activities. In her letter to Congress Disciplinary Action Committee Member Secretary Tariq Anwar, the Patiala MP said, “I am shocked to see that a person who left the Congress party in 1999 over the issue of Mrs Gandhi being a foreign national, and remained out of the party for 20 years till 2019, and who himself faces disciplinary action Had to, now questioning me on a so-called disciplinary matter.”

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Talking about the Punjab leaders, Praneet Kaur said, “The Congressmen of Punjab who have accused me are the people against whom many cases are pending. If you call my husband who was the Chief Minister at that time, he will give you information about his activities. They were protected because they belonged to their party. Although I think you won’t.”

The Patiala MP added that he would continue to work for the people of his constituency, “I have always stood by my constituency, the people of the constituency and my state Punjab and raised their issues, irrespective of the government in power. I hope you know that every minister of Congress government in any state has to meet the minister of central government of his department which in this case is BJP government to solve the issues of his state.

This was done in the previous Congress government in Punjab and today I am sure that the same is being done by the Congress government in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. I too will always meet the state and central government to resolve such issues, whether you like it or not.”

Praneet Kaur concluded the letter by saying, “As for the action against me, you can do whatever you want to do.”

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